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Total Infractions Issued: 3005

Please obey the server rules!


Welcome to SurvivalEU's Ban List.

Here is where all of our punishments are listed.


You broke a server rule!

You will have to contact the owner on Discord for that! (aggellos#0001)

SERVER RULES - Click here for the Greek version!:

You are not allowed to do the following:

You are not allowed to post other servers IP's or any material without permission.

Spamming in the chat by any means is prohibited.

Links are not allowed in the chat!

Don't do that. Please ask another player to give you something nicely and respect their answer if any! Don't spam them with messages!

Griefing is not allowed! Anyone caught griefing of any sort will be banned for amount of time! You can prevent getting griefed by using our claims system! We may not be able to return your items if you got gried in a unclaimed area!!!

You may not /tpahere someone in order to kill him or trap him somewhere!

You may not use a bad username or skin. Also building innapropriate builds will get you banned as well!

Entering a different claim is not allowed without owner's permission. New claim creation, is not allowed near other players (minimum distance 50 blocks).

You are strictly not allowed to build lag machines!

You are not allowed to troll staff! You may stop trolling others when they don't want to be trolled anymore!

You must obey and be respectful against the staff at all times!

PvP is disabled by default! You must enable the pvp using /settings to be able to kill others! Both players must have PvP enabled!